Jaime + Adam - Assiniboine Park Elopement

Earlier this spring, Jaime and Adam had a secret elopement in Assiniboine Park. While I love all weddings, there’s something extra magical about elopements. This one was extra special to me, as I had the honour of signing as a witness (something I had never done before). Jaime and Adam are definitely one of the sweetest couples. From the way that they look at each other, to how they signed the paperwork on each other’s backs, these two are clearly in love, but are also best friends. They also exchanged rings that had previously belonged to Jaime’s grandparents. It really doesn’t get much more special than this!

(I also had the chance to work with my friend Colleen Olafson, one of the best marriage commissioners out there. She even took a cute photo of me!)