Mikala + Myles - Birds Hill Park Engagement

Mikala and Myles had a gorgeous fall engagement session in Birds Hill Park and it was so beautiful! They even brought their dog along for a few of the photos which made it even better. We walked through the park and stopped at various locations along the way. It turns out that the park drains the lake for the winter, which gave a neat desert-feel to some of the photos. Mikala and Myles even stopped to climb a tree- watching him help her was one of the cutest things ever! We made sure to schedule their session in the evening, so that we could take full advantage of "golden hour".

As all of my wedding couples know, I am obsessed with "golden hour"- that magical hour right before sunset when the the light is amazing and everything is glowing and beautiful. I know I sometimes seem a bit crazy when I try to schedule engagement sessions at a specific time of day (I get it- people have crazy schedules nowadays and it can be hard to plan your session around the sun). I even try to sneak my couples away from their wedding reception for some quick golden hour photos on their wedding day. (Seriously, everyone getting married should do this-even if you're only away from the party for 20 minutes, the photos will always be worth it. It's also often the only time the couple has alone during their big day- so please, take your photographer up on the opportunity to have a few minutes alone to let that "just married" feeling sink it. It's honestly a win-win.) If you aren't yet convinced to have your engagement photos taken during golden hour, these photos should help! 

Mikala and Myles are one amazing couple and I am definitely counting down the days until their wedding!